Experts in leadership, workforce training and development, and organisation redesign

Experts in leadership, workforce training and development, and organisation redesign

Welcome to IPP Learning

The place for improving your organisation's performance, customer satisfaction and profitability, through more effective use of staff and better-designed  systems and processes, to help you keep up with competitors.

We specialise in leading change projects to improve workforce motivation and organisational performance across multiple sectors including healthcare. We design and deliver high impact bespoke leadership and other customised interventions to improve your organisation's efficiency, including better workflow and patient flow. 

At IPP Learning we believe that training and developing your workforce is a way of enabling them to perform better to increase productivity and competitiveness. We can also equip your managers with skills to problem-solve, for example staff recruitment, morale and retention challenges.

We also recognise that each organisation has different goals, different ways of working and different skills gaps. We therefore work with you to design short programmes and interventions that are fully customised to support your organisation's requirements. We also provide ready-made solutions if you prefer.  

Our simple 4-step business-focused model uses a psychological and behavioural approach to transfer the new learning, skills and knowledge back into your organisation immediately. We create 'light bulb' moments that shift learning, thinking and behaviour to deliver greater value to your customers.

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